About me

Hello {world} my name is Alain Vézina

I’m a .Net Software Developer based in Montréal with over 18 years of experience. I’m proud to have collaborated for the past decade with businesses such as nventive, Neomedia / Caractera, Diesel (Sid Lee), Hue Web Studio, DMR (Fujitsu), Hospital Saint-Justine, Luxury Retreats and Whatsnexx.

I have worked on the development and implementation of many mobile applications, Internet solutions and award winning websites, including Cirque du Soleil, MGM Grand and Gaz Métro. I have used during those years, mostly Microsoft technologies. I’ve become an expert with Azure, .Net and other related technologies.

I’m currently employed by the good folks at Tungsten where we are developing a cloud-based credit card processing platform named Flexpay.io.

My primary focus is Microsoft Azure technology and Big data.

These days, If you say: Azure, Cloud, Big Data, CI or .Net… you have my full attention.

I think that craftsmanship is what matter!

When it comes to my personal life I’ll say that I’m a DIY enthusiasm and a guitar hero wanna be!