Azure Cosmos DB evolution

Few months ago, Microsoft introduced Azure Cosmos DB, the next big leap in the evolution of DocumentDB.  As a part of this release of Azure Cosmos DB, DocumentDB customers (with their data) were automatically Azure Cosmos DB customers. The transition was seamless and they now have access to a broader range of new capabilities offered by Azure Cosmos DB.

Recently, Kirill Gavrylyuk ( Principal Dev Manager at Microsoft, Azure Cosmos DB) stopped by Azure Friday to talk about this evolution.

When do you know when Azure Cosmos DB is right for your project?

Refer to the 3v ( variables )

  • Your data change a lot
  • Your data is ingested at high speed
  • You have to handle a lot of data

This where traditional DB failed and where Comos DB brings  value.

When to not use Azure cosmos DB?

When you work with relational data.  A more traditional solution such as Ms SQL will than fit better!